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July 1st, 2021

The healthy map 🍇

100% healthy Fortnite map!

Carrefour is launching on Fortnite with “The healthy map”, a Battle Royal that takes place in a Carrefour supermarket, where the only way to regain hp is to eat delicious healthy food.

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May 7th, 2022

NFBEE Supermarket🐝

No bees? No fruits and vegetables!

Welcome to the first metaverse supermarket, where you can buy and collect NFBEEs: a special NFT collection dedicated to saving bees.

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May 18th, 2022

Metaverse sign-up🚀

A new frontier for recruiting!

The first-ever metaverse hiring event for a retailer! Students from Ecole Polytechnique and Institut Mines-Telecom Business School found themselves immersed in an environment created for the occasion and were welcomed by Alexandre Bompard. An initiative done in partnership with VR Academie.

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Metaverse hiring
Metaverse carrefour

Embark The Associates!🥽

Onboarding Carrefour associates in web3!

Building web3 projects at Carrefour cannot be done without onboarding all associates in this adventure. That is what we did during the Carrefour France trade show on the Digital Retail Company booth! 3 days of rich and exciting meetings with Carrefour teams and partners from all horizons, all very enthusiastic about the subject and eager to learn more!

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A first bridge between metaverse and e-commerce

Metaverse helps create new engaging and fun shopping experiences for customers. This is what we tested with one of our partner, Procter & Gamble. Our goal: create a new way for customers to discover and learn more about their daily life products!

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The new Virtual Showroom!👇

An immersive showroom - what for?

At Carrefour, we organize a non-food showroom twice a year for our stores in Europe. A way for them to discover the next collections. In order to remove geographical barriers and raise awareness about those product ranges Carrefour partnered with RetailVR to create an immersive experience accessible by all our store managers.

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