Embark the associates!
Carrefour in the metaverse

Carrefour, a DigitalRetail Company

In June 2022, Carrefour organized for the second time a trade show dedicated to our suppliers, our associates and our franchisees. A great opportunity also for the Digital Teams (E-commerce, Data, Tech, Innovation) to present our projects and our ambitions for Carrefour as a Digital Retail Company.

On this occasion we presented our web3 projects and gave visitors the opportunity to discover this universe by creating their avatar and exploring the metaverse.


When associates become avatars

In the metaverse you cannot evolve and interact without an avatar. The first way to acculturate Carrefour associates and visitors to web3 and metaverse was to give them the opportunity to create their own avatar for the first time for almost 100% of them.

For this experience we used Ready Player Me.

Carrefour avatars
Carrefour projects

First steps in Carrefour metaverse

Once you have an avatar the next step is to discover a metaverse. Our goal was to give the opportunity to our associates and visitors to do it in a universe they already know: Carrefour.

Associates Avatars had the chance to do their first steps in our own Carrefour Digital Showroom in Spatial’s metaverse. We created different rooms dedicated to projects led by the Digital Teams, in which users could navigate with their avatar. This Carrefour Digital Showroom is open to all our associates, giving them the opportunity to pursue the experience back home and to share it with their teams.